District addresses Facebook Posts

District Addresses Facebook Posts
Posted on 02/11/2021
newsletterWe are aware of some social media chatter about the t-shirts that were recently distributed to 5th grade students in Triad School District. The posts imply that the t-shirts were distributed by the District to all elementary students and that the t-shirts are inappropriate because they depict the Blue Lives Matter flag. These posts do not have all the facts.

The Triad 6th grade has participated in the DARE program for over 20 years and beginning in 2019 the DARE program moved to the 5th grade level. It’s an inclusive program that promotes an anti-drug and anti-violence platform. The t-shirts were distributed through the DARE program, sponsored by the Troy Police Department, and given only to 5th graders. The same t-shirts have been distributed in previous years. The shirts were not intended to be offensive or political. We are sorry if anyone in the community interpreted the shirts in that manner. Any fifth grade student who received the shirt can return the shirt at any time. The District will not be sponsoring a day for the 5th graders to wear the shirts, as we have done in the past, or otherwise taking any affirmative steps to promote the t-shirts.

The Triad School District No. 2 is proud of the safe and inclusive environment we have created in our community.  The police and all of our community organizations are a part of our efforts to create such a community and we appreciate their support for programs like DARE. In the same sense, we strive to make all people feel welcome and apologize if distributing these t-shirts had the unintended consequence of making people feel unwelcome.
Leigh Lewis, Superintendent