Superintendent’s Message - School & Campus Safety

Superintendent’s Message - School & Campus Safety
Posted on 02/28/2018

The topic of safety is at the forefront in our schools today.  Unfortunately, it goes well beyond hallway and playground rules put in place to keep students safe.  Our conversations now revolve around surveillance, lockdowns, active shooter drills, and escape plans.  It is important that the Triad Community continue conversations on how we can work together to make all of our schools safer for students and staff.  I believe as adults we want the following for our students:

  • We want all students and staff to feel safe at school.
  • We want to keep weapons off of our school campuses.
  • We want students, parents and the community to report threats and suspicious behavior to the school and law enforcement.
  • We want everyone to be vigilant about keeping our communities and schools safe.
  • want to work together not against each other.

As a community, we must understand that an act of violence could occur at Triad as easily as it has at Sandy Hook in Connecticut or Douglas High School in Florida. As individuals, we will have different viewpoints on gun regulations and prioritize different school safety measures.   What we can agree on is the importance of working together as a district to increase the physical security and the supports for our students social and emotional well being.   Working together will help us create an environment where it is extremely difficult for violence to happen in our schools and on our campuses.  

A few parents have already made contact with me to express their concerns and possible actions the district can take now.  Please share your concerns and ideas for improvement.  The Triad Board of Education is hosting its annual Community Engagement meeting on Monday, March 5th at 6:30 PM at Triad High School.  The event is designed to obtain your input on our District priorities, including curriculum, safety, communication, and finances.  The Board of Education met in January to review the district’s progress in 2017 and to re-evaluate the direction for the district in 2018.  The board is committed to gathering ideas from community representatives to guide our school district’s future plans and activities.